Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The start of Cookie Season!!!

at least for me :-)

When I make my decorated cookies, it can take some serious time! Unless they are just for my family to eat (which is rare), the kids aren't allowed to help, so I make them mostly by myself in the evenings. I don't often have that kind of time lately, but I realized that I can still have lots of fun making lots of cookies! I came across this magazine at the store Monday night, and I couldn't resist it! The kids love baking, so I thought this was a great way to incorporate something I don't often take the time to do with a fun activity for the kids!

The past few Christmases, I have ended up making a bunch of spritz cookies and maybe some peanut butter blossoms at the very last minute. I never seem to get to the new things I want to try, and the time I do spend baking doesn't end up being all that enjoyable. For example, I have printed out the recipe for these Cinnamon Apple Butter Spritz cookies (AND bought the apple butter) for at least the past 2 years. I hope to find out this year, but I'm not sure they can live up to 2+ years of anticipation!!

SO, my goal this year is to make 25 different recipes between now and Christmas!! I am going to think outside the cookie tin, and make some things I've never tried before! So far I've picked out over 13 cookie recipes that include coffee, tea, chipotle pepper, lavender, and more! No, not all together :-)

Here is one of the new things I bought - has anyone ever baked or cooked with this? If so, I'd love to hear what you made and how you liked it!

I'm really excited! We are off to a good start - my (4 year old) son Ryan and I made cookies yesterday and today, so we have 38 days to make 23 recipes. I'll let you know if I need people to help me eat them! Check back to hear how we're doing!!


  1. Don't overlook traditional and family recipes that can be simple and delicious. I just found your great grandmother's cookbook and there are many cookies I remember eating as a child. You always do such an elegant and stylish presentation...I would love to see you include some of them in your "project." Don't forget to save a few of each so we can have a yummy treat after Christmas dinner. Hugs, MOM....PS: I hope I get a taste before then!

  2. Hi Amy....I stood in line behind you at the Bakerella book signing at Williams-Sonoma last week. My daughter-in-law's first attempt at Cake Pops (lions and tigers) was beautiful! I love your site and will be back to visit it often! Good luck!