Friday, June 5, 2015

Graduation Cap Cookies - tassel tutorial

Here is a different way to do the tassels on grad cap cookies.  The part that attaches the tassel to the cap is usually a twisted cord like this.

I used a Wilton number 1 tip - one that was made in China which seems to be a bit bigger than the same number tip made in Korea.  Am I the only one that notices this??  One day I will buy enough PME tips!

First I pipe a straight line and start the tassel part.

After that dries for a few minutes, I pipe little curved lines over the straight line, leaving space to do other lines in between.  I also add some more lines to the tassel. 

Next I add another set of curved lines to fill the spaces, and the final tassel strings.

The last step is to add the part that goes around the tassel to keep it together, and a circle to look like the button where the tassel cord attaches to the cap.

Let me know if you try this!  Congrats to Megan and all the new grads out there!!

Thanks so much to BZ Bees Sweet Treats for the inspiration for this graduation set!  Check out their amazing cookies!!