Saturday, November 16, 2013

Minecraft cookies!

Do you recognize these two?  The little people in my house certainly do :-)

Here is Steve . . . 

And a friendly, or not so friendly, but certainly YUMMY creeper!

Happy Birthday to Noah!  I loved making these!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Some recent work

Hello!  I haven't been able to blog as much as I would like, but the Facebook page is much more up to date!!  Please visit the Facebook page and "like" it to stay up to date with my work.

Here are just some of the cookies that I have done in the past few months . . . see, I have been busy :-)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mouse Ear cookies!

These are some cookies that I made for my daughter, Katie's third birthday.  I had a large Mickey Mouse cookie cutter but I decided that I didn't want such large cookies for the kids.  I used another circular cookie cutter to cut the bottom of the mickey cookie off, so that I ended up with a mouse ear hat shape.  Super easy!!  It is also very easy to decorate!  I had fun with the pink, black and white.  You can do so much variety with 3 colors!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Wednesday Cake


Earlier this week I was looking at some blogs and came across cookie dough buttercream.  Cookie dough = wonderful.  Buttercream = wonderful.  Cookie Dough Buttercream = completely amazing and even more wonderful.  This just sounded like a great idea.  I had to make it.  Soon.  Even though I had lots of other "more important" things to do (you know, as if something could be more important than making cookie dough buttercream).

I was walking my 6 year old son home from the bus stop and told him I was going to make some cake and he asked why.  I told him it would be a "Happy Wednesday" cake.  Just because.  My 4 year old daughter had asked similar questions and was overjoyed to hear that the cake would be for us, for Wednesday :-)

I was thinking about how this would work for Thursday or Monday or any day, and proceeded to write "Thursday" on the cake instead of "Wednesday" (today).  LOL!  The really fun part was teasing the kids that we had to wait until tomorrow to eat it.  That was entertaining as they laughed and explained that they were still very happy to eat it today.  With this icing, you wouldn't care what it said either.  The hearts were by Katie's request.  She was closely supervising and helping and asked "are we ready to add the chocolate chips yet?" 20+ times.  I took some icing out before adding the chips to use for piping (with a #3 tip).  I added a bit of brown food coloring, in keeping with the brown sugar and chocolate chip color palette :-)

my helper!

Here is a link to the recipe.  I didn't make the cake or brownies to go with it.  I used a box mix cake (Duncan Hines French Vanilla).  Scratch cakes can be amazing, but I just didn't want to take the time today.  I LOVED the icing.  It includes brown sugar and flour to give it a texture similar to cookie dough.  YUM.  I would choose a different cake next time, maybe a dark chocolate.  I was thinking of brownies but that might be too sweet.  The vanilla was OK but didn't add anything to the icing.  My son told me that he loved the icing and loved the cake, but not together :-)  I ended up making an extra half recipe.  I had let 3 sticks of butter soften, so I had 6 tablespoons left over.  I really needed more icing to cover the cake, so I added 3 cold tablespoons of butter and made a little more.  I would have needed more if I had split the two layers as the recipe suggested.  I love that the weights are provided!  I always weigh my ingredients when I make my cookies and icing.

If you like cookie dough, try this icing.  Cake optional.  For Wednesday, Thursday, or any day you need buttercream and/or cookie dough.  If you write the wrong day, it is proof that you really needed it.