Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Hello!! I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted here! I have definitely missed it! I haven't been taking new orders, but I HAVE made a few cookies here and there so I'll try to catch up and post those pictures soon!

I have been wanting to do Halloween cookies for a long time, so I made some cookies for my son's preschool class and a cookie decorating playgroup that I hosted today!

I also had to try out my new witch hat cookie cutter so these will probably be bagged up as a little treat for his teachers. Hopefully they don't think this is a message :-) I just couldn't resist this cookie cutter when I went to get tool shapes for Ryan's Handy Manny party earlier in the month!!! I really enjoyed decorating these!

These are the spider web cookies for the preschool party . . .

Since the kids at the playgroup were really young (ages 1-5) I wanted it to be really easy for them! Previous years I have let them use the Wilton icing tubes on bare cookies. This was fine but it was hard for them to bring them home since the icing wasn't dry. This time I decorated the cookies with plain icing and let it harden enough so that food coloring markers would work well. "You be the Doodlebug" cookies :-)

blank slates . . .

Here are some masterpieces by Ethan (5 years old) . . .

The kids seemed to really enjoy it and the cookies came out so cute! It is certainly easier for them to do more intricate designs!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!! I hope to post again very soon!